Sunifiram: New, but Powerful Nootropic

Sunifiram, also known as DM-235, is a relatively new nootropic. In fact, it’s only a couple of years old. However, despite the lack amount of scientific research that has been done, sunifiram has been shown to have effects similar to piracetam at a fraction of the dosage.

We’ll take all of the scientific conclusions and sum them up below. By the end of this page, you’ll be a sunifiram expert, and you’ll know if it’s right for you. Read on.

What exactly is sunifiram?

As with plenty of other of nootropics, it’s derived from piracetam. However, this is a synthetic derivation, so the structure is changed, meaning that sunifiram isn’t technically in the racetam group.

That technicality isn’t too important. It has similar properties to piracetam.

What does it do?

Although there haven’t been many studies done on sunifiram, we can garner the effects of sunifiram through both scientific and empirical evidence. We’ll list the effects below – both the good and the bad.

Good: has anti-amnesic properties

Shock, psychological disturbance, brain injury, or illness – any one of those can do permanent damage to your brain. Sunifiram has been shown to reverse the effects of these travesties even more so than piracetam does.

Good: cognitive enhancement

Just like with piracetam, users of sunifiram report improved cognitive abilities while they’re dosing. This can include more mental clarity, more motivation, and a faster recollection of words so that you’re quicker on your feet.

Good: “Just do it!”

This is purely empirical, but many users of sunifiram report that after taking it, they have more motivation to get their tasks complete.

Some say that the compound makes you take on a “realist” point of view, as in instead of delaying over and over again, you’ll simply realize that you have a task, it needs to be done… and the time to do it is right now.

Good: Helps ADD/ADHD

This isn’t to say that sunifiram is a replacement for your ADD/ADHD medication – it’s not.

However, people who suffer from ADD and ADHD have reported that combined with their prescription medications, sunifiram adds to their daily levels of focus.

Bad: headaches

For some reason, users report headaches from sunifiram more than they do with piracetam. This may be because the sample size of sunifiram users isn’t big enough yet, but it’s something to note.

In order to offset these headaches, make sure to take a choline supplement. Sunifiram increases your acetylcholine production, which needs regular choline to balance out.

How much sunifiram should I take?

The dosage recommendation for sunifiram is pretty vague because of how new it is. It’s recommended to take between .08mg and .16mg per kg that you weigh – so for example, a 150 pound person should take between 5.4 and 11mg.

Because it’s non-toxic, you can experiment with higher doses of sunifiram, but thus far, no users have reported enhanced effects from going up.

Sunifiram: our conclusion on it

It certainly looks promising

As far as scientific research shows, all tests have either been positive or inconclusive. That’s a good start – there are many studies proving the claims of other nootropics are false. Please note that we’re not saying sunifiram is “proven” – we’re just saying it’s a good start.

Less powder is a plus

If we’re comparing piracetam and sunifiram, piracetam is like eating rotten food, and sunifiram is like having to pass on that food. Because you have to take grams of piracetam at a time, the taste is noticeable, and it’s not pleasant. Sunifiram, on the other hand, can be mixed into water, and you won’t taste a thing. That’s always nice.

Good if you haven’t seen results with piracetam

It has similar effects, but it’s a different structure. That means that your body might react to sunifiram when it did not to piracetam. If you want the effects of piracetam but piracetam isn’t working for you, try this.

Wait for more research

If you’re a beginner, start elsewhere. Sunifiram isn’t in the public eye, and very little is known about it. You’re better off starting with a more popular nootropic like piracetam before venturing onto an unknown one.