Sulbutiamine: Like Vitamin B1, Except Way Better

Sulbutiamine (sold under the name Arcalion) is a synthetic derivative of vitamin B1 (also called thiamine). Although it’s derived from a vitamin, it’s often considered to be a nootropic because of it has cognitive benefits with very few side effects.

Those cognitive benefits are increased energy throughout the day, better memory capabilities for both the short and long term, an increase in motivation (and from that, a decrease in depression), and finally… help with erectile dysfunction.

It’s not a complicated supplement – in fact, almost anyone can understand how it works… even ordinary folks with no background in science. Below, we’ll cover how it works, as well as how much to take, how to take it, and what to expect when you do.

How sulbutiamine helps you

You ingest sulbutiamine like you would any other vitamin – you eat something, grab a glass of water, and wash it down. Once you do, it’s broken down by your digestive tract, and then passes through the blood brain barrier. Once it’s there, it’s converted into vitamin B1, and that surge of thiamine gives us a few of the positive effects that we listed above.

While we’re certain that it increases the amount of thiamine in our bloodstream, we’re not 100% certain how the compound works as a whole. Other studies have shown it to increase dopamine production if taken consistently – more dopamine means more motivation, more focus, more good feelings, and a higher sex drive.

So overall, we don’t completely understand sulbutiamine, but we do know the basics on how it works. It’s not dangerous, and although it’s synthetically derived, it’s only a slight modification of the B1 structure.

How to get the most out of sulbutiamine

We mentioned quite a few positive benefits, and if you take sulbutiamine, you’ll likely experience these to some degree. However, as you probably know, vitamins aren’t really “drugs”… for most people, the effects won’t be very pronounced.

Unless you stack it with another nootropic, that is. Sulbutiamine is often added to noopept, aniracetam, and piracetam doses. They play off of each other – the other nootropics make the sulbutiamine more pronounced, and vice versa.

How much should I take?

12.5mg per kg that you weigh. A pound is roughly 2.2kg, so if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be taking 850mg per day. That can be broken down into multiple doses, but most people tend to just dose once at the start of the day.

What exactly will I feel?

Sulbutiamine affects everyone differently. We’ve done some extensive research into user reviews, and from that research, we found that there are basically two groups of sulbutiamine users.

Group 1: uses sulbutiamine as a cognitive enhancer, taking low amounts (500mg to 750mg) broken into multiple doses throughout the day. Effects are noticeable, but not pronounced.

Group 2: uses sulbutiamine as a “study aid”, as in if a student needed to cram for a test that’s four hours away, he would take the entire dose at once and capitalize on the burst of motivation and focus he received from it.

So really, what you feel will depend on how you use it. You can go either way – as long as you stick close to the recommended dosage, you won’t risk any health complications.

Full list of benefits


  • Motivation: instead of wanting to muck around all day, you’ll be motivated to move your life forward in a positive direction.
  • Energy: if you’re rested, sulbutiamine will stimulate you past your “base line” energy level. If you’re tired, it’ll bring you to your base line, but you’ll fall back to being tired when it wears off.
  • Sex drive: users have reported an increased attraction to the opposite sex while taking sulbutiamine – this is similar to what users report with traditional stimulants.
  • “Tunnel vision” focus: instead of switching back and forth between the essay you’re writing and those funny pictures of cats, you’ll focus in on one thing and stick with it. Just make sure you don’t zone in on the wrong thing!
  • Decision making: you’ll be able to plan in a more decisive manner, meaning you waste less time.

Sulbutiamine warnings

Did those positive benefits catch your eye? If you’re like 99.99% of the world, they probably did.

The only thing you have to watch out for is taking it too much or too frequently. “Too much” would be over the recommended dosage of 12.5mg per kg you weigh. “Too frequently” would be taking it everyday, or close to it – if you feel yourself wanting sulbutiamine, you should take a break and readjust.

(Some users even report physical withdrawals while coming off heavy, consistent doses.)

Overall, sulbutiamine is very similar to vitamin B1, and it provides most people with a ton of cognitive and physical benefits. You can stack it with other nootropics for enhanced effects. Overall, just don’t take too much or use it too frequently and you’ll be fine.