Pramiracetam – What you need to know

Pramiracetam is derived from piracetam. All nootropics – even the most popular one, piracetam – do not have a lot of research backing them. Pramiracetam is one of the more obscure ones, and thus, there is even less information available on it.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try it, though. While the effects of pramiracetam can only really be observed through empirical evidence, tests have shown over and over again that it is completely safe for humans, even in larger doses.

Pramiracetam Nootropic

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Pramiracetam dosage – how much to take per day

From the studies that have been done, researchers have come to the conclusion that 1,200mg per day is the ideal amount. You can break this down into either three doses of 400mg or two doses of 600mg. Both have been found to be effective.

Exceeding 1,200mg per day has not been shown to potentiate the effects any further. Under 1,200mg and users have reported “unsubstantial effects”. If you’re considering taking it, go with 1,200mg per day.

Why would you take pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam EffectsThis nootropic has been shown to aid the elderly and cognitively-injured youth in memory formation. However, we recognize that the vast majority of nootropic users are normal, healthy people who are just trying to get a bit of a mental edge. One of the mental edges you get from pramiracetam is improved memory.

To be clear, there is no scientific evidence backing this benefit. But the vast majority of successful pramiracetam users report that after two to four weeks of usage, their photographic memories are noticeably improved. They could read more quickly, and when they did, they retained more of the information that they were reading. This is perfect for college students and professionals who need to digest a lot of information on a daily basis.

Others speak to its “sociability effect”. After taking it, they feel more alert and witty, as if they are the life of the party… even in everyday situations.

The potential problems with pramiracetam

There’s a reason why pramiracetam isn’t more popular, despite its revolutionary mental benefits.

  1. It’s hard to find. Most suppliers are in China, and when you buy overseas nootropics you always run the risk of getting impure (or completely bogus) products.
  2. Because it’s hard to find, those that do supply it charge a massive markup. A pramiracetam regimen is more expensive than any other nootropic regimen.

The name of the game with pramiracetam is scouring the web for the best price, and then looking up reviews of the company that you’re considering ordering from. Lots of companies will try to catch you with a cheaper price, but with that cheaper price comes impurities. Always do your research.

Pramiracetam warnings

To be a nootropic, the compound has to have positive mental benefits without a comedown. Some report that pramiracetam does in fact have a comedown if you take too much or dose too frequently.

This might be because of a chemical reaction within your body, but because pramiracetam hasn’t been researched heavily, we’re not 100% sure yet. Another theory is that the “comedown” is really just you coming back to your normal self. It’s kind of like if you go to an awesome party, and then come home to a quiet, deserted house – you won’t be feeling as good as you did at the party, even though there’s nothing “wrong” with your current environment.

We don’t recommend stacking pramiracetam with any other nootropic right off the bat. If you do that and experience a problem, it’ll be impossible to pinpoint whether the pramiracetam is giving you the problem, or if it’s the combination of nootropics that is.


Get pramiracetam if you’re not on a shoestring budget. Make sure to stick to the recommended dosage, and at first, don’t mix anything with pramiracetam – if you do, you want to be able to gauge its true effects on you. If it affects you positively, then you can continue with your regimen, or you can try stacking it with other nootropics. If you feel nothing, it may not be for you. Not all nootropics work for everyone.

But if it do feel something, you can expect a flood of social energy and a vastly improved photographic memory. Good luck!