Piracetam – Get Focused

Piracetam, AKA 2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine-acetamide, is the most popular nootropic of 2015. It comes in the form of capsules or white powder, and you can buy it from a wide range of online suppliers.

People love piracetam because of what it does for them.

piracetam nootropic

Can you Focus?

Positive effects from piracetam

It’s important to note that piracetam is a cognitive enhancer, not a stimulant. When you take a stimulant, you’ll immediately notice an increase in focus, an increase in energy, and most importantly, a crash when you start coming off of it. Piracetam’s effects are more subtle than traditional stimulants, but with piracetam, you do not get the comedown – this is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. You can “boost your brain” without experiencing any negative side effects.

Enhanced sensory awareness

One of the most noticeable effects from piracetam is how it makes you feel day in and day out. After dosing for two to three days, you’ll start to notice that every day you dose, you’re… sharper.

  • Smells – both good and bad – are more vivid.
  • You’ll start to notice the vibrancy of colors in everyday life – those objects you glanced right over in the past might now interest you.
  • Touch feels more sensitive.

As you walk down the road, it’s likely that instead of drifting off, your mind will be focused, calculated, and appreciating every single detail of your walk. This is somewhat similar to the effects of a traditional stimulant, but again, the sensory effects from piracetam are not quite as noticeable.

A motivational boost

Nootropics for MotivationMany users of piracetam notice an increase in motivation almost immediately after taking a dose.

The science behind this motivational boost is not known. However, many users report it as being a benefit. Some users even claim that piracetam broke them out of their depressions.

Again, this effect is somewhat similar to a traditional stimulant. But with piracetam, you never “come down” off of your motivational surge. Sure, the effects will be more pronounced right after you dose, but they will follow you throughout the day if you dose correctly. (See “Piracetam dosage information” below.)

Ability to retain information more easily

This benefit isn’t as prevalent as the motivational boost or sensory enhancement, but still, a large number of users report being able to retain information – facts, dates, etc. – more easily than before.

Ability to call up information at a quicker rate

When you take piracetam, you will become more fluid in your speech. You’ll be able to articulate your thoughts more accurately and at a quicker rate. You might even surprise yourself!

Potential negative side effects from piracetam

Piracetam is so popular because in the vast majority of people, no side effects are seen. And even if they are seen, they’re usually mild to the point where you have to focus on them in order to really notice.

That being said, some people do experience side effects in some way, shape, or form. These include anxiety (#1), irritability, and headaches. If you experience any of these side effects, lower your dosage or stop using the drug altogether. There are plenty of nootropics out there and while piracetam is popular, you shouldn’t take it with negative side effects, even if you experience the positive ones alongside them.

How piracetam works within your body

The exact mechanism behind how piracetam works is not known.

Anyone claiming to know how piracetam works is wildly speculating. If someone does claim to know the science behind it, ask them for credible sources – they will not be able to produce them.

However, piracetam was the nootropic that started it all, and thus, it’s by far the most heavily researched one. In this research, we have seen the positive effects over and over again, and we’ve also seen the lack of negative side effects over and over again. As long as you’re not a pregnant or nursing mother, you can feel safe taking piracetam.

Piracetam dosage information

Humans can tolerate incredibly high doses of piracetam without any adverse side effects. That’s not to say that a higher dosage is necessarily better, though.

Some claim that 10g per day is optimal, but the generally accepted dosage is 4.8g per day, broken down into three doses of 1.6g. As the half life of piracetam is about three hours, this breaking up of the doses will allow you to experience the benefits throughout the day instead of in just a small three hour window.

Piracetam is often taken in capsules; however, unlike vitamins, piracetam is water soluble, and thus can be taken anytime, even when a meal is not present.

Help! My piracetam stopped working!

Some users report that the effects of piracetam dull after months of consistent usage. If you feel this happening, take a break (two to three weeks) and wait for your body to zero out. Then, restart your regimen, and you’ll find that the effects are as strong as they were on day one. (Again, this is similar to building a tolerance to a stimulant, but you will never feel “needy” if you go without your piracetam for a day. You just won’t experience the positive side effects.)

If you’re new to nootropics, get piracetam as your first choice. It’s been researched the most, it has the most users out of any nootropic which means that there’s a plethora of information behind it online. And as far as nootropics go, it’s fairly cheap, which is always nice.