Oxiracetam – Never Forget, A Great Memory Booster

Molecularly, oxiracetam is shockingly similar to piracetam – in fact, the only difference is a single “hydroxyl group”, which is just a hydrogen atom bonded to an oxygen atom. So yes, it does have some similar effects as piracetam, but that hydroxyl group does make a difference in its “purpose”.

oxiracetam memory booster

What’s oxiracetam usually used for?

Benefits of Oxiracetam

Need help remembering names?

The name of the game with oxiracetam is memory. Oxiracetam is usually taken only when someone wants to improve his or her memory capabilities. This can include forming new memories more easily (e.g. remembering someone’s name) as well as recalling those memories more quickly (e.g. actually remembering that person’s name when you’re having the conversation with him or her, and not 20 minutes past it).

The specifics: when you begin to age, you undergo “organic cognitive decline”. This is the natural process your body undergoes where your brain isn’t as “sharp” as it used to be – it’s why people say things like “s/he is remarkably sharp for 70/80/90”. In multiple studies, oxiracetam has been shown to slow this natural process, and it has also been shown to help the elderly with dementia.

However, it has not been shown to help with alzheimers. That being said, there has only been one reputable study conducted with oxiracetam and alzheimers patients.

So… can young people use it?

Yes, absolutely. Nootropics are interesting in that most people experience benefits from them, but because they are not FDA approved yet, there’s no “concrete” evidence of what they do.

Here are the benefits to oxiracetam that most people experience:

  • Better memory formation: you’re able to recall what you did in the past, even if it wasn’t a spectacular event. (For spectacular events, you will remember them in more detail.)
  • Quicker memory recollection: instead of straining to remember what you did that one time, your mind will be able to locate the memory and pull it up with ease.
  • Increased verbal fluency: because you can “remember” words more quickly, you can insert more appropriate, descriptive words in all of your sentences.
  • A “mental state of arousal”: you know when you read something interesting, and you’re captivated by it? With oxiracetam, this happens all of the time throughout your day. Mundane things are suddenly interesting.

How much do you need per day?

Beginners should start with 600mg per day. You can go up to 3g with no noticeable side effects, but oxiracetam is a relatively strong compound – only do this if you need to. If you notice benefits with 600mg, stay there.

The half life of oxiracetam is only 2 to 3 hours, which means that for maximum effects, you should be redosing every 2 to 3 hours. Important: do not dose 600mg to 3g every time – split that amount into multiple doses throughout the day.

What’s the exact science behind Oxiracetam?

We’ll give you a basic summary without boring you to tears.

The hippocampus is known as the “memory center” of your brain. Memories are formed and stored here. The hippocampus needs a whole heap of different chemicals to work, and two of these are glutamate and vitamin D.

Taking oxiracetam will make the brain release more of both of these compounds when it reaches out to the hippocampus. An abundance of what the hippocampus needs will result in it recalling and forming memories more effectively… in theory, that is. There haven’t been too many studies on oxiracetam, but the studies that have been conducted all point to its positive effect on memory, even if the exact mechanisms are not known.

Side effects of oxiracetam

Side Effects of Oxiracetam

A side effect of oxiracetam (for some people) is headaches. Excess glutamate can cause headaches. You need acetylcholine to counteract glutamate. Luckily, acetylcholine is a compound that’s available for sale to the public.

If you experience headaches, add in acetylcholine to your oxiracetam regimen. If you don’t, don’t.

You also may experience nausea, dizziness, or fatigue if you take over the recommended dosage of 3g per day. Remember, more is not always better.

Aside from that, you’re all set. Oxiracetam is a relatively simple nootropic – you should take it if you’re concerned about memory. Don’t go overboard. Aside from that, have fun. Being able to remember almost everything you do and then recall those memories in a second is very cool.