Noopept Review

My Complete Noopept Review: Subtle, But Effective

Seeing as there are relatively few noopept reviews out there (compared to other nootropics), I thought I’d share my thoughts. I’ve been using the nootropic “noopept” for 30 days, every day.

This is my comprehensive review of how I felt – what noopept did for me, and what I felt it was lacking. If you’re considering noopept, you can analyze my experience and decide if it’s for you or not.

Noopept initially caught my eye because of how easy it was to dose – the recommended range is 10mg to 40mg per day, and despite the low dose, the promised effects are pretty substantial…

  • Less “brain fog” (I sometimes woke up feeling groggy and sluggish for absolutely no reason, so this was very desirable for me)
  • An improved memory for both the short and long term
  • Enhanced verbal articulation – thoughts are clearer and more precise

Did I experience those effects? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

How much I took + when

The recommended range for noopept is 10mg to 40mg per day.

I started with 10mg per day for the first week. Truth be told, I didn’t feel much, and I wasn’t convinced that this miniscule amount of powder was anything but placebo.

But when I ramped it up to 30mg per day on the second week (split into two doses of 15mg at breakfast and lunch)… well, I felt some very noticeable effects.

  • Right when I took the dose, I felt a rush similar to the rush you feel when you chug that first cup of coffee in the morning. It was a great boost to clear the morning cobwebs and get me focused after lunch – normally, I fall into a food coma for an hour or two after my lunch break.
  • My verbal articulation was through the roof! When a client asked me a question, I could concisely and effectively explain the answer to get him sorted out quickly. This meant that I had more time to handle more clients.
  • Although I don’t know for sure, I felt like my memorization skills were vastly improved. Studying for school felt fun – not like a chore – and as I’ll explain below, my grades went up.
  • I just felt better. I don’t think this was a direct result of the noopept, but when I was killing it at both work and school, I felt like I was doing well in life, you know?

How it affected my schoolwork

Homework/studying – I can safely say that memorization for exams was easier. And if I learned a concept in class and then had homework at night, I wouldn’t have to leaf through the textbook to get help. I remembered everything from class and could do the homework at the speed of light.

Being in class – I actually got a little bit annoyed in class. Because my mind was so clear, I felt like the professor was going way too slowly. I raised my hand a lot more than usual, but got annoyed when other people asked questions that I already knew the answer to. I wasn’t angry or anything… I just felt like I was operating at a higher level than others in the class were.

How it affected my work

Explaining was so much easier – as I said before, a lot of my time is dealing with clients who don’t fully understand the product, how it works, how to set it up, etc. I felt that I could take their questions and concerns, think for a second, and address them right away. My speech sounded smarter, too – I wasn’t using empty words like “good” or “nice” too often.

Wasn’t pissed that I had to be at work – in fact, I looked at it as a challenge. Every day I thought to myself… “how badly can I kill it today?”

Started receiving a lot more positive feedback – perhaps because of my clearer articulation, clients seemed a lot more happy with the help they were getting.

Before, they’d be neutral or somewhat pleasant… when I was speaking to them on noopept, they seemed genuinely impressed with how knowledgeable I was, and I even received a few follow-up emails thanking me for my help. (Unfortunately, my boss wasn’t CCed… but it still felt good!)

How it affected me otherwise – sociability, fitness, etc.


Felt a bit more social, I guess – I’m not sure if this was placebo, but it was easier for me to strike up conversations with people in public. I stood up straighter, spoke with more power, and it seemed that workers (at coffee shops, grocery stores, etc.) were much more friendly to me.

Fitness – I didn’t notice any change in physical energy levels, but I did have more time to work out because of how quickly I was completing my homework and studying for my exams.

My noopept review: conclusion

A lot of websites online promoted noopept as a “miracle drug” like seen in the movie Limitless… it wasn’t. I didn’t have more energy, and I didn’t turn into a genius.

But I did notice myself operating at a “higher level”. So I wasn’t a genius… but I could speak my mind more clearly regarding what I already knew for my job. And when I studied, I couldn’t speed-read or learn information significantly faster than before… but I did do better on the two exams that I did have, and I felt like I was getting a lot more out of going to class (when I decided to go, that is).

Overall? Get it. If you’re a student or a worker, it’ll help you. If you have depression or social anxiety, you may want to consider adding a nootropic that addresses those conditions more appropriately, but for a good “all around” cognitive enhancer, I was impressed with noopept @ 30mg per day. (Less than that did nothing, though.)

I’ll continue to take it as long as I continue to feel these benefits. Considering I haven’t felt a single side effect, I see no reason not to.

Have you taken noopept? Considering doing so? Comment below! Thanks for reading.