My Alpha Brain Review: Worth It, But Not “All That” 

I originally found out about Alpha Brain through Joe Rogan’s podcast, which I listen to religiously. He hyped it way up (and said he was a user), so out of curiousity, I checked it out… and considering the fact that I’m writing the review, I obviously ended up buying a bottle (actually, two bottles) and using it.

Onnit is offering a free 7-Day Trial to our readers, but you have to go through this link.

This is my experience with it. In summary, I felt like it definitely had a positive effect, but not quite as positive of an effect as Joe claimed it would. Still, I’m happy that I made the purchase, and I’ll probably buy another bottle (I have about two weeks left from the two bottles I purchased).

So if you’re considering Alpha Brain, this review might help you decide. I’ll go over what worked and what didn’t.


Why I decided to try Alpha Brain

I do a lot of stuff, and sometimes, I feel like life is a little chaotic. The vast majority of the time I can do everything, but I do get stressed unnecessarily.

Like… I would never admit that it gets to me, but I’ll tell you, the internet – it sometimes gets to me.

Something that could remove this stress was a dream for me. I definitely didn’t want to get a prescription for Xanax or another anti-anxiety pill… I’m not about that. Alpha Brain seemed right up my alley as most of the ingredients are 100% natural and it’s not that expensive.


I did more research on similar products, but eventually went with Alpha Brain. Here’s why.

No “special blends” or shady stuff

Alpha Brain is considered a nootropic blend, which means that there are a bunch of nootropics (cognitive enhancers) in each dose. Except with Alpha Brain, you can see the actual ingredients… believe it or not, a lot of blends just say that they have “proprietary ingredients” in them, and you have no idea what you’re ingesting.

If you’re a fitness junkie, you’ve probably seen that same phrase on pre-workouts and the like.

I like to know what I’m getting into. Taking a bunch of random chemicals didn’t vibe with me, even if the other blends had good reviews.

Promises even effects, nothing too substantial

Considering my schedule, I didn’t want something that I’d crash off of and as a result of that, feel sluggish the next day from (like adderall). I just wanted a firm boost to my everyday life without any side effects. If the benefits weren’t as substantial as the drugs with side effects, that was perfectly okay with me.

Honestly, the marketing sold me a little

Alpha BRAIN by Onnit

Onnit (the creators of Alpha Brain) have a beautiful website. I felt like I was buying something from an established fitness powerhouse, and not a sketchy “drug company”.

I will admit… the purchase was an impulse one. Thankfully, it paid off.

How much I took(My Alpha Brain dosage)

Alpha Brain ReviewI bought two 90ct bottles and took four capsule per day.  Either go big or go home. To get the best effects and accurately test this product I wanted to do the maximum recommended dose.

Right now, I’m at day 46. So I’ve been using it for just over a month and a half. I take two capsules with breakfast every morning. (My breakfast is always two pieces of toast and four scrambled eggs.)  I take the other usually around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

I only missed one day (day 6) because I slept in and rushed out of the house before I realized that I hadn’t taken it.

And now, without further ado, here’s what I felt happen to me in those 46 days.

The results I noticed (and didn’t notice)

I did feel more level


One of Alpha Brain’s claims is a “calmer, more clear you”. That I did feel.

I was able to handle my tasks in an orderly fashion, rather than just jumping around to each one and not getting anything done. This is something that I struggle with… although I don’t have ADHD, I often lose focus on what I’m doing. Alpha Brain corrected this.

This was particularly helpful with school – especially when studying for exams, I crushed each individual chapter and then moved onto the next one. I didn’t get discouraged when I didn’t remember a chapter and skip around… I just kept my nose to the grindstone and believe it or not, enjoyed studying.


I did feel a bit clearer mentally (improved over time)

On day 1, I felt the exact same as before. Same with day 2, and 3, and 4… but around day 15, I noticed that gradually, my mind was becoming more and more “clear”.

I put clear in quotes because it’s a little bit hard to describe. The best example I can give is this: think about the days when you get plenty of sleep, but wake up feeling groggy and awful. This never happened to me past day 15… when I woke up, I felt like I had been up for hours, and I found myself running around even before my first cup of coffee. (I drink a lot of coffee.)

Nootropics for Motivation

I didn’t feel like I was getting smarter or faster

Nootropics are considered to be “smart drugs”; as in, they make you operate at a higher level in terms of cognitive abilities.

With Alpha Brain, I felt like most of the effects were related to making me feel relaxed, calm, and focused… but I wasn’t necessarily feeling any smarter.

I think this was mostly because of the ingredients in Alpha Brain. After doing some research of my own, it looks like bacopa monniere and L-theanine are the two most prominent ingredients. The vitamin B6 might have helped as well, although there’s no way of telling if I was deficient in vitamin B before starting.

Not moving any faster was okay with me. Some people want to be stimulated all of the time, but what goes up must come down. I didn’t want to feel great during work and school and then have no energy for doing my hobbies or going out for the night, etc.

What I’m trying next

While doing my research, I noticed that many critical reviews of Alpha Brain mentioned the fact that there isn’t any “strong” nootropic in there that will give you old fashioned cognitive enhancement. Seeing as I’m able to use my mind more effectively with Alpha Brain, I want to be able to use more of my mind, if that makes sense.

Next, I’m going to add a dose of “piracetam” with my Alpha Brain. It’s a nootropic that promises a cognitive boost. I’m thinking that with Alpha Brain and piracetam, I’ll be functioning exactly how I want to. I may even try it with noopept, which I already reviewed here.

Alpha Brain Review Conclusion

I’ll sum it up in three bullet points to make it easy to understand.

  • I bought Alpha Brain on a whim, mainly because Joe Rogan (whom I respect and admire) recommended it
  • I noticed that I was more calm and more focused, but I didn’t notice any extreme cognitive enhancing effects like Onnit promises
  • To get these cognitive enhancing effects, I’m going to try adding piracetam into the mix

Overall, I can definitely recommend Alpha Brain. It doesn’t do everything that Onnit claims, but let’s be real – companies always over-hype their products. I felt substantial effects 15 days in, so make sure to get at least a 60-day supply if you’re thinking of trying it.

Cheers! Feel free to comment below with questions or your experience with Alpha Brain.

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  • Great for Focus
  • Helps you stay relaxed
  • Vivid/Lucid Dreams if taking a dose later in the day